Opendata List Of Resources

Applications making use of open data

UK Postcodes
Web service by Stuart Harrison (@pezholio) serving up the Ordnance Survey data

BBC Wildlife Finder
Uses dbpedia and other open data sources

Coffee house bus notification system in Boston
Uses transportation data opened up by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)

OC Transpo
Mobile web application using Ottawa Transport data


Mashup Australia

NYC Big Apps competition

Show us a better way

City/state/service datasets

NYC data mine


City of Vancouver Open Data Catalogue

City of Edmonton Open Data Catalogue

City of Chicago

Open Minneapolis (to be launched)

District of Columbia Data Catalog

Metropolitan Transport Authority (New York) Developer data access (using the General Transit Feed Specification)

State of California datasets

Commonwealth of Massachusetts


Rhode Island


New York State Senate

Central gov datasets

US gov data

Australian government public information datasets

New Zealand Government datasets

International datasets

Comprehensive Knowledge Network


World Bank Data

UK Gov and UK local gov data sets

Open PSI - collab between UK Gov and Uni of Southampton

UK gov data

Communities and Local Gov - Places Database

London DataStore

Manchester - FutureEverything

Openly Local - "…a new project to develop an open and unified way of accessing Local Government information"

Home Office /data (mostly Excel files?)

Lichfield District Council

London Borough of Sutton - XML and CSV

Open Election Data project

Articles, blogposts, blogs and forums

How opening up data helped expose one of the biggest tax frauds in Canada’s history

Lessons learned from the Open Data front lines (inc. "You can build it, but they won't come")

Why linked data for

My area: a look under the hood - by Stuart Harrison (@pezholio) of Lichfield DC

Linked data - wiki entry by Jeni Tennison

8 principles of Open Government Data

Better Faster Cheaper - Municipal data explosions

Georgi Kobilarov’s blog


Subreddit for OpenData

UK Gov Data Developers Google Group

Open Data - Collaborating to promote the release of local public data (blog)

News, media and press releases

Cabinet Office - Digital Engagement blog : Local Government Data

Guardian - Boris Johnson to launch London datastore

NYPost - iPhone app’s a meter beater - NYC BigApps competition leads to this useful iPhone app

Programmable Web - Developer tries to open transit data

Another big list of open data gov stuff (from US perspective)

Data visualisations

ABS In Motion - unveiling the beauty of Australian Bureau of Statistics

Twitterers with opendata bent


Twitter hashtags


Delicious tags


quotes and stuff

“looking forward to lots of fun with GLa site but they need to rememebr people like me who can’t do clever data things with web pages and just give us some excel and csv files to download” - William Perrin

"So, after nearly a year in the Open Data trenches, I have some advice for those starting or involved in open data projects. First, figure out what you want the world to look like and why…
"Second, build your project around users. In my time working with the politicians and civil servants, I've realised that success breeds success: the best way to convince them to open data is to show an open data project that's useful to real people. Not a catalogue or similar tool aimed at insiders, but something that's making citizens, voters, constituents happy. Then they'll get it." Nat Torkington - Rethinking Open Data


Publishing Open Government Data - W3C working draft

General Transit Feed Specification


Draft of an Open Data Commons Attribution license

Examples of APIs and best practice

Pachube API

CountCulture's brain dump of ideas on open data feeds from councils

Hacker News discussion : Who makes the best APIs?

Good APIs Project


Qt - ApiDesignPrinciples

Trolltech's Little Manual of API Design (pdf)


Many Eyes
Yahoo Pipes
Microsoft toolkit for open government (using Sharepoint)

Linked data

A middle way for linked data at the BBC
From the Feb 2010 Linked Data meetup at London ULU, describing the Wildlife Finder

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