Solution type:

  • Client-side

Solution dependencies:

  • Internet browser (IE6+, with JavaScript enabled)

Current / future usage:

  • Warwickshire County Council (WCC) website
  • Warwickshire County Council (WCC) intranet
  • Warwickshire Direct website (coming soon)

Warwickshire County Council website:

Areas / pages covered:

  • Jobs / recruitment: Within the WCC website, jQuery will power a dynamic 'featured jobs' slideshow. For users who are viewing the site without JavaScript enabled in their browser, links to the featured 'articles' will be present.

Typical usage:

(details to follow)

Warwickshire County Council intranet:

Areas / pages covered:

Typical usage:

Important notes:

  • CSS 1/2/3 styling can (and should) be applied to elements created within the DOM;
  • Wealth of online documentation available;
  • Open Source / Commercial plugins also available

More information:

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