Google AJAX Feed API

Solution type:

  • Client-side

Solution dependencies:

  • Internet browser (JavaScript enabled)
  • Active internet connection
  • Active Atom / RSS / Media RSS feed(s)

Current / future usage:

  • Warwickshire County Council (WCC) website
  • Warwickshire Direct website (coming soon)

Warwickshire County Council website:

Areas / pages covered:

  • Jobs / recruitment: Within the WCC website, the Google AJAX Feed API will dynamically pull through information from two separate websites onto the main recruitment site, using JavaScript. For users who are viewing the site without JavaScript enabled in their browser, permanent links to the external sites powering WCC's recruitment services will be present.

Typical usage:

google.load("feeds", "//num_value_of_feeds_to_be_used_here//");
    function OnLoad() {
        var feedControl = new google.feeds.FeedControl();
        feedControl.addFeed("//feed_url_value_here/rss.xml//", "//feed_title_to_be_displayed_value_here//");

Important notes:

  • external stylesheets are applied through the API library, which can - and do - affect styling within a page;
  • extra time should be built into a project to allow for granular CSS development, and cross browser testing;
  • server side solutions preferable to client side solutions;
  • solutions such as these must be made accessible the public (e.g. providing alternatives where JavaScript is disabled, etc)

More information:

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